In pictures: 2012-2015

Stand up for Labour - July 22 2012

Venue: The George IV pub, London W4


Andy Slaughter MP tells Arthur Smith one of his best jokes backstage


 Patricia Sinclair 6

Patricia Sinclair described life as wife of a Labour MP from Hull


Ron Bartholemew accepts his bottle of vintage red wine for being the room's longest Labour Party member

Joe Wells and crowd

Joe Wells was first on stage and went down a storm

Anthony Miller 2

Anthony Miller from Pearshaped comedy club was next on stage


Ken crowd 3

Ken Livingstone said the next election will be a landmark like 1945 or 1979


Ken Livingstone shows the audience his Olympic jacket

Andy Slaughter text

Andy Slaughter reads advice he received by text


Arthur Smith takes to the stage

Arthur Smith 4


Stand up for Labour - Corby October 7 2012

Venue: Corby Trades & Labour Club, Corby NN17



Corby council leader Tom Beattie, Hal Cruttenden, Arnold Brown and Labour candidate Andy Sawford discuss politics and comedy during the interval


Nervous-looking compere Crispin Flintoff in front of the new banner




Legend of alternative comedy Arnold Brown opens the show and is loved and laughed at



And Arnold can see the humour of it all too...


Former teacher Jim Smallman recalls a worrying episode in his GP's surgery



Damaged Tory Sir Ian Bowler MP shows no fear in a Labour-dominated venue


Tom Beattie sees the funny side - while his neighbour discovers his team lost 


Hal Cruttenden has the audience in hysterics as he ridicules political speeches



Andy Sawford spells out how vital it is that Labour wins the Corby by-election



Stand up for Labour - October 21 2012

Venue: The George IV pub, London W4


Sir Ian Bowler MP, John McDonnell, Adam Bloom, Norman Lovett and Bob Crow


Adam Bloom opened the show and made friends with the audience



Paul Ricketts re-enacted the Leveson enquiry with the help of audience members


Bob Crow was critical about New Labour and new employment law


Bob Crow applauded by the crowd - with one standing ovation


John McDonnell MP spoke about the need for solidarity against the coalition


Crispin Flintoff introduces a double-headed monster with a sleeping disorder


Sir Ian Bowler MP before he has a nervous breakdown on stage


Norman Lovett performs magic tricks and shows how to survive in 'Deliverance'


A future that works demo - October 20

 photo (20)

photo (18)


Stand up for Labour - Nov 29 2012

Venue: Banglo Bar, Bath

Tony Cowards

 Tony Cowards split the room with his succession of puns and wordplay

photo (23)

Craig Mills of Unison talks about the issue of pay cartels for NHS staff

 Ben Harrington

Ben Harrington gives a high-five to the evening's chief heckler

 Mark Hurman

 Mark Hurman shows why he is storming comedy clubs in the south west 

photo (27) 

Wil Hodgson tells the audience about the People's Republic of Chippenham 


Stand up for Labour - Dec 15 2012

Venue: Ilford Catholic Club, Redbridge


Bob Mills comments on the venue and how comedy has changed


Bob Mills speaks about the positives of diabetes


Compere Crispin Flintoff exudes the Christmas spirit


Mike Gapes MP starts with a joke: 'Nick Clegg'


The audience applaud their local MP for not telling too many jokes


The newest member of the Labour Party picks up his prize


The longest serving Labour Party member in the room makes his way to the stage


A bottle of whiskey awaits him in honour of his 67 years' membership


Jimbo struggles with the microphone stand


Manos storms the night with his observations on Greece's influence


The audience applaud before the interval


Councillor Gideon Bull belts out a karaoke song to everyone's surprise


Paul Hayes of the GMB speaks about the need for union and Labour Party solidarity


Matt Goddin receives a bottle of Bailey's after destroying Crispin in a Butterfly contest


Krysstal receives instruction in the use of maracas from Brian Damage


A duet performed with maracas has the audience in stitches



Krysstal and Brian Damage receive an encore and come back on stage


Stand up for Labour - Jan 25 2013

Venue: Westgate Ward Social Club, Ipswich

 1Ipswich Tiernan use

Tiernan Douieb opens the night and expresses concern about 'centre' wings

1Ipswich crowd3 

And all wings find something to laugh about...

1Ipswich Richard Howitt

MEP Richard Howitt speaks about the right course to take on the EU

1Ipswich impro1

Suki Webster and Luke Sorba of impro group Spontaneous Combustion

1Ipswich impro2

Suki speaks Estonian and Luke translates

1Ipswich impro plus one

One audience member joins Suki and Luke to play a part of Michael Gove's mind

1Ipswich Nick Revelluse

Headliner Nick Revell reveals how the Olympics ruined his misanthropy

1Ipswich Ellesmere

 Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Ipswich David Ellesmere

 1Ipswich longest member

The longest serving Labour Party member wins a bottle of red

 1Ipswich John bottle

Ipswich Labour Party organiser John Cook receives a bottle of Baileys for his hard work


Stand up for Labour - March 9 2013

Venue: The Underground Theatre, Eastbourne

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 014

Gráinne Maguire opens her act with literary allusions

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 028

But soon it degenerates into something Beyonce would be proud of...

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 023

Who's this coming on stage?

SUFL_Eastbourne_ 002

SUFL_Eastbourne_ 058

Denis Healey is given a warm reception by the audience

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 064

Denis sings about a baby that went down the plughole

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 088

Denis Healey and Arthur Smith tell the crowd about their last meeting

SUFL_Eastbourne_ 001

Manos, Gráinne Maguire, Denis Healey, Crispin Flintoff and Arthur Smith

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 091

Denis Healey signs the nomination form for local candidate Tom Serpel

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 099

Unison's Jon Rogers takes the red microphone

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 115

Jon spells out the effect of government changes to employment law

SUFL_Eastbourne_ 117

The audience applaud the man dubbed a 'trade union bullyboy' by The Sun

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 124

The longest serving Labour Party member in the room (except for Denis Healey)

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 127

Manos comes to the stage and starts his mischief

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 158

The crowd rise to his mischief and the result is hysterical laughter

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 163

The level of hysterical laughter continues as Arthur Smith begins his act

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 186

Arthur apologises for a crude description of David Cameron

 SUFL_Eastbourne_ 201

Stand up for Labour - March 24 2013

Venue: George IV pub, Chiswick


Crispin Flintoff introduces the evening, saying Tony Benn is unwell

SUFL_24March2013_ 004

Hilary Benn tells the audience that he is filling in for his father

SUFL_24March2013_ 003 

Hilary Benn speaks about how the bedroom tax is hitting families

SUFL_24March2013_ 006

Shappi Khorsandi reads a letter she sent to the Ayatollah


SUFL_24March2013_ 007

Shappi shares her experiences with (just a few) bawdy references



Which prize will this lucky lottery draw winner pick?


The newest Labour Party member in the room wins a bottle of wine


Mr and Mrs Glennerster win a bottle for being longest serving members

SUFL_24March2013_ 009

Ed Aczel provides an analysis of how the night is going


Following some bemusement, people see that Ed is going very well indeed


An audience member signs a 'Get well soon' card for Tony Benn

SUFL_24March2013_ 002

Tony Law comes on stage with a whirlwind of surreal insanity

SUFL_24March2013_ 010

Tony performs a joke about elephants walking into a pub - from their perspective 



Stand up for Labour - April 4 2013

Venue: Drayton Court Hotel, Ealing

Andy Slaughter 1

Hammersmith MP Andy Slaughter talks about the true motives behind NHS reform

Prince Abdi 2

First comedian of the night Prince Abdi warms up the chill April night

Rush to bar

Some take to the bar at the interval, while some chat dry mouthed

Stella Creasy 1

Stella Creasy MP talks how government cuts are hitting the most vulnerable

Impro 1

Luke Sorba and Suki Webster of Spontaneous Combustion

Impro 2

Audience member Chick has a laugh picking Luke up

Norman Lovett 1

Norman Lovett asks for direction from the audience

Norman Lovett 2

And the audience comes from over there...


Stand up for Labour - April 12 2013

Venue: Rotherham Trades Club, Rotherham

Rotherham collage 2

(Top) Paul Blomfield MP, Rosie Winterton MP, Linda McAvan MEP and John Healey MP

(Bottom) (left) Stephen Carlin, (Right) Matt Hollins

Rotherham collage

(Left column from top) Stephen Carlin, Matt Hollins, Joe Wells

(right) Labour Party Chief Whip Rosie Winterton


Stand up for Labour - April 21 2013

Venue: The Picturedrome, Northampton

Stand Up 4Labour-04212013_012

Leader of Corby Borough Council Tom Beattie puts the night in context

Jessica Fostekew

Jessica Fostekew opens the night and the audience warm to her

Stand Up 4Labour-04212013_025 

Tweeting time

Interval time... Time for tweeting...

Vernon Coaker

Shadow Northern Ireland Minister Vernon Coaker makes an inspiring speech

Sara Pascoe2

Sara Pascoe addresses her issues with spiders and doppelgangers


Stand Up 4Labour-04212013_018

He is rewarded for his efforts with much applause

Tony Hendrks

Headliner Tony Hendriks has the audience in hysterics

Stand Up 4Labour-04212013_014


Stand up for Labour - May 5 2013

Venue: Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, Tower Hamlets

Imran Yusuf on stage

Imran Yusuf takes to the pink heart-shaped stage

Interval time

Interval time and time for a drink and a chat with comrades

John Biggs

Labour candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs

Impro with Muran

Suki and Luke instruct Muran on how to make them move as puppets 

Patrick Monahan onstage

 Patrick Monahan has the audience in hysterics once he gets on stage

Patrick Monahan aftershow

Patrick Monahan with his new fans - after the show


Stand up for Labour - May 10 2013

Venue: The Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft


Sir Ian Bowler opens the evening with a tribute to Margaret Thatcher


Alan Mitchell wows the audience with his mimicry and song


Sir Ian Bowler MP and Alan Mitchell shake hands backstage


Brian Damage and Krysstal eat Jaffa Cakes backstage


The audience enjoy their Jaffa Cake driven set


Brian Damage, Sir Ian Bowler MP, Bob Blizzard and Alan Mitchell after the event

(Krysstal was in the car)


Stand up for Labour - May 17 2013

Venue: Ruskin House, Croydon

Ruskin House

The most unlikely front door to a comedy venue?


Joe Wells opens the night with a joke at the expense of the LibDems

Joe Wells on stage

Joe Wells has the attention of 99% of the audience

Ken on stage

Ken Livingstone makes a stirring speech about the economy

Steve Reed

Croydon North MP Steve Reed speaks about local campaigns

Ava Vidal

Ava Vidal tells the audience about how she marched against the EDL

Ava Vidal2

Ava speaks about her family and parenting issues


Spontaneous Combustion have the audience in hysterics


Stand up for Labour - June 7 2013

Venue: Civic Centre, Immingham

Immingham pre-show

The audience get ready for the night ahead

Nick Daikin

Nick Daikin, MP for Scunthorpe County, rallies supporters

Paul Ricketts on stage

Opening act Paul Ricketts finds the word 'Immingham' a mouthful

Paul Ricketts

Paul gets the hang of it and has the audience in hysterics

Crowd laughing

Arnold Brown

Arnold likes to ponder and walk on stage...

Joe Wells on stage

Joe Wells points out the ungrammatical nature of EDL slogans


Stand up for Labour - June 9 2013

Venue: Venture Centre, North Kensington (daytime event)


Crowd in good spirits for the first daytime event

Joe Wells and Ken

Ken Livingstone makes a note of Joe Wells's performance skills

Crowd 2

This amuses the crowd greatly

Manos crowd

Manos Kanellos is a great hit with the audience


Headline act Shazia Mirza shocks some of the audience members


Stand up for Labour - June 14 2013

Venue: Willows Club, Hull

Lucy Beaumont

Hull born and raised Lucy Beaumont goes down a storm

Joe Bromehead

Rotherham fireman Joe Bromehead tells the crowd about Mr Potatohead

Caroline Flint

Don Valley MP and shadow energy minister Caroline Flint makes a speech

Patricia Sinclair

Patricia Sinclair, wife of an MP, tells the crowd about her philosophy

Prescotts watch on

John and Pauline Prescott are amused...

Kevin Precious on stage

Headliner Kevin Precious has the audience in the palm of his hand

Stand up for Labour - June 26 2013

Venue: Ex-Servicemen's Club, Yardley

Two comics and Jess

Labour's PPC for Yardley Jess Phillips, Andy White and Steve Day


Shazia Mirza

Headline act Shazia Mirza challenges the audience's prejudices

Stand up for Labour - June 29 2013

Venue: Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff


Gráinne Maguire, Rob Hughes, Mark Hurman and Paul Ricketts


Vaughan Gething AM, who welcomed everyone to the evening

Mark Hurman

Mark Hurman comperes the gig and gets a lot of laughs

Gráinne is the opening act and gets a great reception


Middle act Rob Hughes makes his Stand up for Labour debut


Headliner Paul Ricketts once again shows politics is funny

Stand up for Labour - July 3 2013

Venue: Bohemia Bar, Finchley

Adam Bloom

Guest speaker Emily Thornbury and headliner Adam Bloom

Manos Finchley

Manos Kanellos is opening act in the Bohemia

Spontaneous Combustion

As the light outside gets darker, the acts get spookier...


Stand up for Labour - July 5 2013

Venue: Colchester Arts Centre

Jordan Newell

Headliner Andi Osho and Colchester PPC Jordan Newell

Colchester crowd

The audience in the Arts Centre, which was formerly a church

Hubris 2

Chutzpah & Hubris perform a sketch about Michaelangelo 

Andi Osho

Tim Young (Michaelangelo) with Andi Osho backstage

Andi Osho

Andi Osho on stage banters with the crowd


Stand up for Sure Start - July 7 2013

Venue: The Good Ship, Kilburn

Christian Reilly

Christian Reilly on stage and a good crowd for the hottest day of the year

Stand up for Labour - July 11 2013

Venue: Birkdale Labour Club, Southport

Outside Birkdale Labour Club

Council candidates and Luciana Berger MP and Bill Esterson MP outside the venue

Sam Avery

Opening act Sam Avery keeps cool and gets many laughs

Bill Estersen

Bill Esterson, MP for Sefton Central, is the first guest speaker

Krysstal Southport

Brian Damage & Krysstal go down a storm

Luciana Berger

Luciana Berger MP for Liverpool Wavertree makes a speech 


Stand up for Labour - July 13 2013

Venue: Catholic Club, Ilford


Paul Ricketts comperes in a return visit to Ilford for Redbridge Labour Party


Stand up for Labour - July 17 2013

Venue: Antelope Bar, Tooting

Sadiq and Arthur

Sara Pascoe

Opening act Sara Pascoe tells the audience she just moved from Tooting

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan MP tells the audience a joke - and it goes down well!

Paul Ricketts

Paul offers a high-five to an audience member

Me on stage

Compere Crispin Flintoff introduces Arthur Smith to the stage

Arthur S on stage

The room is packed for Arthur - the Bard of Balham

Chocolate signing

Arthur Smith signs a box of chocolates that were won in the raffle

Stand up for Labour - July 18 2013

Venue: CVS, Barking

Barking crowd

A good sized crowd watch opening act Ava Vidal

Jason Patterson

Second act of the night Jason Patterson has the audience in hysterics


An audience member comes on stage and sings a song


Stand up for Labour - July 25 2013

Venue: Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Southampton

Andrew Pope

The view of the barn as organiser Andrew Pope makes a speech

Joe Wells

Even though he is from Portsmouth, Joe Wells charms the audience


Venue: Trinity Bar, Harrow

Ipad picture

The view from an ipad or other tablet device

Ken signs bottle

Ken Livingstone signs a bottle of wine for the raffle


Kate Smurthwaite

Kate Smurthwaite reads out some threats she has received


Still some food left on the buffet table


Stand up for Labour - July 28 2013

Venue: Calva Bar, Carlisle

Patrick and Tom Dodd

Headline act Patrick Monahan doesn't take it easy - joined on stage by Tom Dodd

Patrick Monahan

Patrick starts to wind down his set for the night - after over an hour

Lee and Patrick Monahan


Stand up for Labour - August 22 2013

Venue: Leith Dockers Club, Leith

Stephen and Arnold

Stephen Carlin and Arnold Brown relax after five star performances



Stand up for Labour - August 23 2013

Venue: Prestonpans Labour Club, Prestonpans

Comics and politicians

Iain Gray MSP and Fiona O'Donnell MP join the comedians on stage


Opening act Manos Kanellos asks people to visit Greece more

Arnold Brown

Arnold Brown reflects on his background in Glasgow

Stephen Carlin

Headline act Stephen Carlin has the audience in hysterics again

Audience members


Party Conference - 22-25 Sept 2013

Brighton Conference Centre

Stand at conference

Stand 99: complete with t-shirts, chocolates and a map of events covered


Stand up for Labour - 1 October 2013

Venue: Yates's, Swindon

Swindon T-shirts

Compere Paul Ricketts shows the t-shirts that are still available for purchase


An artistic shot of Brian Damage & Krysstal who went down a storm

Stand up for Labour - 2 October 2013

Venue: Preston, Parkfield Labour Club

Helen Keeler

Opening act Helen Keeler makes her Stand up for Labour debut

Helen Mark and Stephen

Helen with Mark Hendrick MP for Preston and Stephen Twigg MP

Stephen Twigg

Shadow Education Minister Stephen Twigg makes a speech

Sir Ian Bowler Preston

Sir Ian Bowler recites a poem for a lady who passed away this year


Stand up for Labour - 17 October 2013

Venue: Left Bank, Leeds

Leeds 1

Michael Foot Memorial comedy night 
- 10 November 2013

Venue: George IV, Chiswick

Michael Foot gathering 3

Neil Kinnock and Arthur Smith lead the laughs after the show


Stand up for Labour - 29 November 2013

Venue: Yorkshire Main Officials Club, Edlington, Doncaster

Arnold Brown and Margaret

Arnold Brown speaks to the room's longest serving member of the Labour Party

Stand up for Labour - 3 December 2013

Venue: St Mary's Centre, Lewisham

Laughing crowd

A Mayor, two MPs, four comedians and Lewisham's PPC Vicky Foxcroft

Stand up for Labour - 17 December 2013

Venue: Parr Hall, Warrington


Opening act Daniel Simonsen and Sara Pascoe fight for a t-shirt

Stand up for Labour - 8 January 2014

Venue: Horwich RMI, Bolton

Bolton bill

Bill Woolland is the opening act and warms the audience up with laughs

Bolton 5

Steve Gribbin provides a musical climax to the night


Stand up for Labour - 25 January 2014

Venue: Shipley and District Social Club, Shipley

alfie moore 2

Alfie Moore headlines a great Burns Night of comedy and haggis (with gravy)


Stand up for Labour - 30 January 2014

Venue: The Wharf, Cardiff

Newest members in Cardiff

The newest Labour Party members in the room are rewarded for their commitment

Dan Mitchell and Wil Hodgson

Wil Hodgson and Dan Mitchell have a chat during the interval


Stand up for The NHS - 2 February 2014

Venue: The Castle, Wellingborough


Arthur Smith hosts a night in front of nearly 500 people


Stand up for Labour - 6 February 2014

Venue: Saltcoats Labour Club, Saltcoats


The comedians join Katy Clark MP for a picture on stage

Stand up for Labour - 7 February 2014

Venue: Dugdale Centre, Enfield

Enfield Patrick

Patrick Monahan gets close to Andy Love MP


Stand up for Labour - 7 February 

Venue: Albany Club, Greenock

Albany Greenock

A view of Arnold Brown from close to the stage


Stand up for Labour - 16 February 2014

Venue: Paddington Arts, Paddington


Sadiq Khan and Karen Buck surrounded by comedians

Stand up for Labour - 16 March 2014

Venue: George IV, Chiswick

Sadiq in Chiswick

Sadiq Khan makes a speech that includes a number of good jokes

Neville in trunks

The winner of a pair of signed swimming trunks, Neville Simpson, poses with them on


Stand up for Labour - 20 March

Venue: The Polish Eagle Club, Nottingham

Glenis Wilmot

Glenis Wilmot introduces guest speaker Neil Kinnock

Neil Kinnock 2

Neil Kinnock makes do without the faulty microphone in an enthralling speech 

Scott Bennett 2

First act of the night is Scott Bennett, who has the room in hysterics

Kate Smurthwaite 1

Kate Smurthwaite describes a situation she was in on a television discussion programme

Steve Gribbin 1

Steve Gribbin updates George Formby, specially for UKIP


Stand up for Labour - 24 March 2014

Venue: Grafton House, Lincoln

Steve Gribbin Lincoln

Steve Gribbin performs an extended set at a great night in Lincoln


Stand up for Labour - 28 March 2014

Venue: Quarry Bank Labour Club, Stourbridge

Christian Stourbridge

Christian Reilly headlines a great night attended by Tom Watson

Tom Watson


Stand up for Labour - 31 March 2014

Venue: South Oxhey Labour Club, Watford

Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone speaks and then answers questions at Watford CLP fundraiser


Stand up for Labour - 6 April

Venue: St John's Parish Hall, Kingston-upon-Thames


Leonard Cohen makes an out-of-the-blue appearance


Patrick Monahan uncovers the dynamics of the audience


Kingston & Surbiton Labour candidate Lee Godfrey and Christian Reilly backstage


Lee Godfrey, event organiser Tessa Kind and Arthur Smith


Stand up for Labour - 13 April

Venue: St Mary in the Castle, Hastings

steve bassam

Steve Bassam opens the night with a speech

arthur smith

Arthur Smith unmasked after a song from Leonard Cohen

grainne maguire 2

Contrary to appearances Gráinne Maguire had a great night

christian reilly 2 

Christian Reilly shows how his guitar contains a number of elements

sarah owen

Labour candidate Sarah Owen closes the night


Stand up for Labour - 17 April 2014

Venue: The Roebuck, Vauxhall

ken livingstone pulls a pint

Ken Livingstone pulls a pint for the locals

ian stone

Opening act Ian Stone asks the audience if they have any questions


Stand up for Labour - 20 April

Venue: The Georgian Theatre, Stockon-on-Tees


Compere Paul Ricketts offers prizes to the newest and longest serving members


Fran Garrity checks his watch for his laughs per minute ratio


Natalie Wicks sings a song about a jellyfish - and David Cameron

img_8484 (1)

Patrick Monahan headlines his local Stand up for Labour gig


Stand up for Labour - 1 May 2014

Venue: The Trinity Bar, Harrow-on-the-Hill

harrow - stephen carlin

Opening act Stephen Carlin compares alcohol with bananas

harrow - ed aczel

Ed Aczel provides a novel approach to audience participation

harrow - steven pound

Steven Pound MP speaks eloquently about the challenges ahead 

harrow - damage and krysstal

Tension develops between Brian Damage & Krysstal 


Stand up for Labour - 7 May 2014

Venue: Fat Lil's, Witney

witney - venue

The venue for an event one year before the General Election in Cameron's constituency

witney - david lammy

Guest speaker David Lammy MP makes his Stand up for Labour debut

witney - audience

witney - motley crew

Steve Gribbin, Duncan Enright, David Lammy and Crispin Flintoff in fun pose

witney - matt forde

Opening act Matt Forde makes his Stand up for Labour debut

witney - mary bourke

Mary Bourke once again brings great hilarity to the room

witney - steve gribbin

Headline act Steve Gribbin sends the audience off home in good cheer


Stand up for Labour - 13-14 June

Venues: Glasgow, Renfrew

sheridan curran balls

Jim Sheridan, Margareet Curran and Ed Balls help to promote out two dates

arnold brown

Arnold Brown takes to the stage at the event for Renfrewshire North & West CLP

jim monaghan

Jim Monaghan reads poetry


Stand up for Labour - 19 June

Venues: The Roundhouse, Bolton

dominic woodward bolton

Dominic Woodward headlines the night


Stand up for Labour - 25 June 2014

Venue: Seven Dials, Covent Garden


Frank Dobson MP and Steve Gribbin

john moloney holborn

John Moloney makes his first appearance at Stand up for Labour

lucy and steve holborn

Lucy Beaumont and Steve Gribbin pose with our GMB sponsored T-shirt


Stand up for Labour - 27 June 2014

Venue: The Willows, Hull

karl turner hull

Another great event held for Karl Turner MP

kevin precious hull

Kevin Precious hosts the event following his headline appearance last year

michael dugher hull

Guest speaker Michael Dugher MP takes the microphone


Stand up for Labour - 29 June 2014

Venue: George IV, Chiswick - 100th event!

hammersmith 100a

A party atmosphere as Stand up for Labour celebrates its 100th event

hammersmith 100b


Crispin Flintoff looks proud as punch to be putting on the 100th event

andy slaughter

Andy Slaughter MP speaks of the campaign to save Charing Cross Hospital


Stand up for Labour - 5 July

Venue: Holland-on-Sea Public Hall, Clacton


Tim Young, Ivan Henderson and Paul Ricketts bask in the stage curtain light


Stand up for Labour - 21 September 2014

Venue: Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Manchester

bill esterson

Bill Esterson MP is our first speaker on the night

jeremy corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn MP speaks about why we must work hard to win in 2015

lindsay hoyle

Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle is the auctioneer

barbara nice manchester

Mrs Barbara Nice makes her Stand up for Labour debut at our Conference event

patrick monahan manc

Headline act Patrick Monahan is not fazed by the bright lights

manc dancing

One of the craziest raffles ever!


A great mix of parliamentary candidates and comedians pose for the camera


Stand up for Labour - 30 September 2014

Venue: Sawley Memorial Hall, Sawley

grainne fish and chips

'Nothing better than fish and chips before a night of comedy!' says Gráinne Maguire

grainne sawley

Gráinne outlines the difference between the political parties' leaders

sawley heads and tails

People get into the spirit of the night with a spot of heads or tails

christian sawley

Christian Reilly strikes a chord with the crowd

alfie moore sawley

Alfie Moore headlines the night with tales of a police officer


Alfie Moore and Margaret Beckett pose for the camera


Stand up for Labour - 7 October

Venue: Hailsham Memorial Institute Club, Hailsham
(The best of these pictures were taken by Nic Serpell-Rand)


Crispin Flintoff introduces the evening


A lively crowd from all over the south coast 


Brighton Kemptown Labour candidate Nancy Platts is the guest speaker


Opening act Jessica Fosteskew livens up the crowd


It looks like Sir Ian Bowler may have found his dream raffle prize


A member of the audience decides to take the plunge and join the party there and then


Steve Gribbin offers his take on the Scottish Referendum


The acts pose for a photo with Nancy Platts


Sir Ian Bowler recalls the day the nation was in mourning


The raffle causes consternation - Nancy Platts and Lewes candidate Lloyd Russell-Moyle


Stand up for Labour - 9 October 2014

Venue: SouthBank Club, Bristol (pictures taken by Wayne Godwin Reid)

kerry mccarthy

Kerry McCarthy MP introduces guest speaker Neil Kinnock

neil kinnock 1

neil kinnock ovation

Neil Kinnock receives a standing ovation after a fantastic speech

neil kinnock and pint

Neil Kinnock shows Nigel Farage how to hold a pint

bristol candidates

Neil Kinnock with Labour's Bristol candidates and MP

sarah bridgeman

Sarah Brideman gets the comedy underway

sir ian bowler

Sir Ian Bowler returns to Bristol and hits it off with the audience

new members

Two members of the audience decide to join the Labour Party

patrick monahan

Patrick Monahan takes the stage and holds the audience captive


Stand up for Labour - 15 October 2014

Venue: The Quay, Sudbury


Audience members join Jane Basham (Labour PPC) on the stage


Norway's finest comedian Daniel Simonsen is opening act


Jane Basham, Labour's prospective parliamentary candidate for South Suffolk


Mary Bourke is calmness personified after a nightmare journey to the venue


Steve Gribbin is asked for an encore after a great set


Stand up for Labour - 21 October

Venue: Lecture Theatre, University of East Anglia, Norwich


Labour candidate for Norwich South Clive Lewis introduces the evening


Opening act Gráinne Maguire identifies two sides to the room (students and non-students)


Steve Gribbin sings a catchy number about the top-down reorganisation of the NHS


The student section of the audience huddled together


Patrick Monahan gets the party treasurer to parent the youngest member (bearded)


Gráinne and Clive Lewis pose for the camera


Patrick Monahan forms a huddle with the longest serving members and Clive Lewis


Stand up for Labour - 26 October

Venue: Mumbai Square, City of London


Prince Abdi is the starter for the night as curry and comedy mix


Sadiq Khan MP and John Biggs AM pose for a picture with the acts


Gráinne Maguire brings energy to the room between courses


Patrick Monahan is the dessert and everyone goes home in good spirits


Stand up for Labour - 4 November 2014

Venue: KeeleSU, Newcastle Under Lyme

keele gig

A fantastic setting for our event in Keele


Stand up for Labour - 6 November 2014

Venue: cornerHOUSE, Surbiton


Steve Gribbin on stage at a well-attended event in a fantastic venue


Steve asks for no more photos (but we take one anyway)


Local organiser Tessa Kind offers Norman Lovett a knife (for his birthday cake)


Lucy Beaumont chats to a long-standing member at the bar


Norman Lovett and candidate Lee Godfrey joined onstage by Omar Sharif and others


Stand up for Labour - 7 November 2014

Venues: Westmill Community Centre, Hitchin; Memorial Hall, Upton-upon-Severn


Wil Hodgson headlines in Upton-upon-Severn and sells one of his DVDs


Local organiser Les Roberts

paul ricketts hitchin

Paul Ricketts hosts event in Hitchin

arthur smith hitchin

Arthur Smith headlines in Hitchin

arthur smith hitchin 2


Stand up for Labour - 19 November 2014

Venue: The Moonrakers, Swindon


Opening act Nick Revell tells a joke about neo-liberal economic theory


The comedians are joined onstage by Anne Snellgrove and Mark Dempsey



Stand up for Labour - 23 November 2014

Venue: Burton Caribbean Association, Burton-on-Trent


Steve Day, Sally-Anne Hayward, Steve Day and parliamentary candidate Jon Wheale


Stand up for Labour - 27 November 2014

Venue: Buckingham New University, Wycombe


Nick Revell is opening act in the bar of the Student Union


Mary Bourke has another fantastic gig


Norman Lovett identifies a fellow fan of the Sugarbabes


Stand up for Labour - 28 November

Venue: Turk's Head, Twickenham


A big crowd prepares for comedy and music


A party atmosphere as the room fills up and it is standing room only


A backstage view of opening act Nick Revell


Mary Bourke has a fantastic gig


Guest speaker Sadiq Khan drums up bids for the auction

twickenham gang

Sadiq Khan and Mary Honeyball join local candidates Nick Grant and Ruth Cadbury


Stand up for Labour - 30 November 2014

Venue: Dune's Complex, Mablethorpe


Host for the night Paul Ricketts opens up the evening


Dominic Woodward gives a tip for dealing with nuisance phone calls


Manchester act Ruth Cockburn bring music to the evening


Louth candidate Matthew Brown with the comedians onstage


Stand up for Labour - 3 December 2014

Venue: Netley Centre Sports and Social Club, Eastleigh


Compere Crispin Flintoff introduces a busy night of discussion, comedy and disco


Opening act Joe Wells goes down well despite being from Portsmouth


Mary Bourke brings lots of laughter to the crowd


Nick Revell headlines the night and goes down a storm


Stand up for Labour - 17 December 2014

Venue: Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton


Wayne Beese, Paul Ricketts, Barbara Nice, Rob Marris and Steve Day backstage


Stand up for Labour - 15 January

Venue: Bolehill Swifts, Tamworth

Photos taken by audience member @andywhiles1

tamworth 2

Steve Gribbin gets the crowd going with some Iain Duncan Smiths songs

tamworth 3

Patrick Monahan double checks that he heard an audience member correctly

tamworth 4

It's raffle time! Paul Ricketts reads the winning numbers picked by Carol Dean

tamworth 1

Time for a quick photo backstage

Stand up for Labour Awards - 28 January 2015

Venue: Jubilee Room, House of Commons


Cat Smith, PPC for Lancaster and Fleetwood wins event of the year from Luciana Berger



Sadiq Khan is tasked with presenting an award between parliamentary votes


Mary Bourke is one of three runners up


The second runner up is the abhorrent Sir Ian Bowler MP


Regular MC Paul Ricketts is the third runner up


Patrick Monahan celebrates being announced as the winner with a hug


And another hug...


And one for Sadiq and Andy Slaughter..


Patrick calls up last year's winner Christian Reilly for another hug


Sir Ian Bowler MP drowns his sorrows as Patrick continues to celebrate




Stand up for Labour - 3 February 2015

Tottenham CLP


Ava Vidal is opening act


 Christian Reilly storms the gig without a mike or a plug in


Patrick Monahan creates a stir


Happy raffle winners!


Later on at the bar


Stand up for Labour - 18 February 2015

Ministry of Sound, Bermondsey & Old Southwark CLP


This is not a rave


Opening act Hal Cruttenden



Patrick Monahan finds an expensive looking camera

Stand up for Labour - 25 February 2015

Worcester CLP


Headline act Steve Gribbin


Mary Bourke



Stand up for Labour - 26 February 2015

St Albans CLP


Sir Ian Bowler and Grainne Maguire check out the menu for the night



Ed Aczel gets the flipchart out


Not much left of the buffet before Sir Ian Bowler starts his act


Happy raffle winners - the snood was the grand prize!


Stand up for Labour - 13 March 2015

Harrow West CLP


Nabil Abdulrashid opens the show


Grainne Maguire ends the first section on a high note


Grainne Maguire and Gandhi stop confrontation between Sir Ian Bowler and Nabil Abdulrashid


Sir Ian Bowler takes to the stage unscathed - on Comic Relief Day


Gareth Thomas MP rounds off the evening

Stand up for Labour - 22 March 2015

Kingston and Surbiton CLP



Joe Wells opens the show with political satire


Shappi Khorsandi takes to the stage after a long bus journey!


Mapcap headliners Raymond & Mr Timpkins

Stand up for Labour - 27 March 2015

Bath CLP


A big turnout for the final fundraiser before the General Election


Opening act Joe Wells 


Juliet Meyers and Ed Miliband's (adapted) cardboard cutout


Headline act Arthur Smith



Stand up for Labour - 12 April 2015

Labour Black Women's Network


The venue in the heart of Camden Town

Diane Abbott plus many more

A fantastic line up of speakers and comedians

Ava Vidal and Kate Osamor


Ava Vidal and Kate Osamor


Jason Patterson and me 2

Compere Jason Patterson with Crispin Flintoff

Stand up for Labour - 22 April 2015



Patrick Monahan headlines a gig at the Zion Club

Stand up for Labour - 1 May 2015

Coventry North West CLP


Even parmesan cheese on spaghetti bolognese doesn't enthrall Norman Lovett


Geoffrey Robinson MP cheers up Norman a little


Opening act Juliet Meyers warms up the crowd


Christian Reilly!


Norman Lovett headlines