In Pictures 2015-2017

What Next for Labour? 24 May 2015

Post-election discussion and comedy night

A packed room hear from Councillor Stephen Cowen, Ruth Cadbury, Jeremy Corbyn, Steven Pound, Gary Doolan, Ann Black

Jeremy Corbyn speaks about lessons from the General Election

Steven Cowen, council leader of Hammersmith & Fulham

Corinna Smart wins a prize for being the longest serving Labour Party member

Stand up for Labour, 17 June 2015

Birmingham Erdington CLP

Jack Dromey MP opens the show

Sir Ian Bowler MP seems to relish the General Election result

Stand up for Mental Health, 20 June 2015

Seven Dials Club, Covent Garden

Guest speaker Diane Abbott MP

Opening act Al Barrie

Headline act Sara Pascoe

Stand up for the NHS, 5 July 2015

Fundraiser for the Socialist Health Association

The 61st birthday for the NHS

Sir Ian Bowler is not the greatest supporter of the NHS

Stand up for Labour, 26 July 2015


A good crowd on a hot summer's night 

Headline act Barbara Nice is a master of audience participation

Stand up for Labour, 31 July 2015


Guest speaker Stella Creasy

Al Barrie and Christian Reilly perform Edinburgh Festival previews

Stand up for Labour, 28 September 2015

Labour Party Conference, Brighton

A big, buzzing crowd at the Komedia in Brighton

Guest speaker Nancy Platts

Arthur Smith and Patrick Monahan backstage

Opening act is local comedian Jen Brister

Stand up for Labour, 22 November 2015

Kingston & Surbiton CLP

Cabaret style seating

Sir Ian Bowler is discovered backstage scoffing a whole box of Jaffa Cakes

The longest serving Labour Party member is joined by raffle winners on stage

Stand up for Labour, 9 December 2015

Greenwich & Woolwich CLP

Christian Reilly warms up the crowd in a pre-Christmas fundraiser

More happy raffle winners!

Stand up for Labour, 10 December 2015

Tottenham CLP

David Lammy introduces the evening

Sir Ian Bowler MP shocks the crowd

Stand up for Labour, 23 January 2016

Tribute to Denis Healey, Eastbourne CLP

Audience participation at its finest

Performers, speakers and audience members chat on stage

Stand up for Labour, 24 January 2016

North Westminster CLP

Guest speaker Emily Thornberry

Patrick Monahan, Ava Vidal, Crispin Flintoff and Norman Lovett

A lucky raffle winner!

Stand up for Labour, 28 January 2016

Coventry North-West CLP

Opening act Andy White

Barbara Nice shows how to use a hoover lead

Headline act Steve Gribbin

Look at all those lucky raffle winners!

#JC4PM, Kentish Town

4 February 2016

Jen Brister is compere for a massive night at the O2 Forum Kentish Town

Francesca Martinez

Brian Eno

Michael Rosen

Sam Duckworth

Stand up for Labour, Banbury

17 February 2016

Opening act Juliet Meyers

Wil Hodgson

Wil goes down a storm

Headline act Norman Lovett

Raffle winners!

#JC4PM, Bristol

23 February 2016

Get your Jeremy Corbyn merchandise!

Jeremy Hardy

Wil Hodgson, Clare Ferguson-Walker and Grace Petrie

Labour candidate for Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees

Marvin Rees and Jeremy Hardy backstage

Headline act Billy Bragg

A crowd of over 1,200 have a great night out

Stand up for Labour, Camberley

10 March 2016

A good crowd turnout for North East Hampshire CLP, where headline act Raymond & Mr Timpkins caused a sensation

The raffle prizes were fantastic - and much appreciated by most

Stand up for Labour, Letchworth

11 March 2016

Sir Ian Bowler gloats about the last General Election result

Raffle winners galore!

#JC4PM tour, Croydon

Sunday 13 March 2016

#JC4PM tour, Newcastle

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Stand up for Labour, Loughborough

Sunday 11th April 2016

Alfie Moore headlines a cosy gig

Excitement mounts over the raffle

Stand up for Labour, Twickenham

Wednesday 14th April 2016

Raffle winners in the limelight

Stand up for Labour, Swadlincote

Friday 15th April 2016

And why not? A great line up of Norman Lovett, Grace Petrie and Arnold Brown 

Stand up for Labour, Camden

Sunday 17th April 2016

Headline act Patrick Monahan steals takes centre stage after the raffle

Stand up for Labour, Nottingham

21 April 2016

A good turnout, including Dan Jarvis (seated right)

Scott Bennett has another great gig

Headline act Norman Lovett and Glenis Wilmot MEP

Stand up for Labour, Hertford

Sunday 24th April 2016

Headliner Steve Gribbin through the dry ice

Richard Howitt MEP plus raffle winners and the longest serving member of the party

Stand up for Labour, Liverpool Wavertree

28th April 2016

A fantastic buffet for all the audience

Headline act Norman Lovett causes a rumpus

Stand up for Labour, City and Westminster

23 May 2016

Guest speaker Hilary Benn talks about the upcoming EU referendum vote

Grainne Maguire illuminated in a cavern

Arthur Smith recites a poem

Stand up for Labour, Chiswick

29th June 2016

John McDonnell speaks about the resignations of shadow cabinet ministers

#JC4PM, Swansea

4 July 2016

800 people turn up for the gig at the Brangwyn Hall

Mark Serwotka is compere for the night

Stand up for Labour, Bolton

22nd September 2016

Opening act Barbara Nice on stage

Smug Roberts meets a happy raffle winner with their unlikely prize

Stand up for Labour, Chesham

6th October 2016

Headline act Norman Lovett enjoys a great night in a spartan room

Stand up for Labour, Ealing

16th October 2016

A massive turnout for a joint fundraiser for Ealing Central & Acton and Brentford & Isleworth

Stand up for Labour, Keele

Saturday 19th November 2016

Smug Roberts opens the night with tales of the school run

Happy raffle winners!

Stand up for Labour - #JC4PM, Central London

21 December 2016

Fantastic busking band Phat Bollard at the Conway Hall

John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn on stage at the end of the night

Stand up for Labour, Gainsborough

1 March 2017

David Prescott presents the main raffle prize - Sir Ian Bowler is not impressed

Stand up for Labour, Broxtowe

15 March 2016

Sir Ian Bowler is in mischievious mood in the bar

The bar manager is a Corbynista

Steve Gribbin headlines the gig and has sings an amazing song about rail delays