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Don't miss out on autumn/winter dates

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Have a laughStand up for Labour will be building on the success of the last year with an autumn/winter 'tour' that will be publicised at the Brighton Conference.

Merchandising for the tour (including Rock-style t-shirts) will be designed at the beginning of September so if any CLPs wish to participate, we are looking for a firm commitment by 1 September.

So far, there are over 15 dates confirmed, including Llandudno, Leeds, Daventry, Manchester, Preston, Swindon, Basingstoke, Ipswich, Wirall, Southwark, Greenwich, Reading, Oxford, Doncaster, Liverpool, Malvern and a special fundraiser for Michael Foot's Memorial taking place in Chiswick.

If your CLP or group are interested, email [email protected]


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