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Conditions for booking Stand up for Labour

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As Stand up for Labour receives no funding from the central Labour Party, nor from trade unions, our resources are stretched. It takes a great amount of time to organise an event and this time must be used as efficiently as possible for Stand up for Labour to survive.

In response to a recent event in which the CLP made little work on promotion among members and supporters, we are now asking CLPs or groups to pay a £100 fee before we will confirm a date. This way we can ensure that we are not wasting our time as, having paid the fee, the CLP will want to make the event a success.

This fee could either be paid directly to Stand up for Labour, or used as part of the hire of the venue.

As Stand up for Labour events are fundraisers, it is in CLPs and Labour Party groups' best interest to make sure that as many members and supporters are informed about the comedy night. For events to sell well, this means that the following need to be done:

  • All members need to be emailed at least three times (to inform them about the event, to offer them a deal on tickets for the event and to remind them about the event).
  • Printed tickets need to be distributed among CLP officers/group officers to sell on. It is not efficient for only one person to sell tickets to members and delegating this task is a good way of including other people in the build up to the event. If each branch are given a dozen tickets to sell this is not an impossible task.
  • Posters of the event need to be put up on the windows of shops near the event. Sometimes shops will take a poster for a small fee and this can be reimbursed. Putting up posters is important as it gives the Labour Party a visual presence in the area that is not just during election times. 
  • The twitter account and website of the CLP or group should include a story and should regularly tweet about the event and ways that tickets can be purchased.
  • When canvassing/Voter ID work is undertaken, where supporters are identified it is useful to give them a flyer of the event. This is a great way to bring in potential members and for them to hear about the campaign when they attend the event.

If these measures are taken, it is likely that the event will be a roaring success, will raise more money and will also engage more people in the community.


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  1. David Sheedy

    Well said, and thank you for being so honest. Our team at Medway Labour are very interested in hosting an event, and will promote it to well above that level

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