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Gallery 2012

 Stand up for Labour - Dec 15

Venue: Ilford Catholic Club, Redbridge


Bob Mills and Ilford South MP Mike Gapes pose for the camera


Bob Mills comments on the venue and how comedy has changed


The audience are warming up for a great night of comedy


Bob Mills speaks about the positives of diabetes


Compere Crispin Flintoff exudes the Christmas spirit


Mike Gapes MP starts with a joke: 'Nick Clegg'


The audience applaud their local MP for not telling too many jokes


The newest member of the Labour Party picks up his prize


The longest serving Labour Party member in the room makes his way to the stage


A bottle of whiskey awaits him in honour of his 67 years' membership


Jimbo struggles with the microphone stand


Manos storms the night with his observations on Greece's influence


The audience applaud before the interval


Councillor Gideon Bull belts out a karaoke song to everyone's surprise


Paul Hayes of the GMB speaks about the need for union and Labour Party solidarity


Matt Goddin receives a bottle of Bailey's after destroying Crispin in a Butterfly contest


Krysstal receives instruction in the use of maracas from Brian Damage


A duet performed with maracas has the audience in stitches



Krysstal and Brian Damage receive an encore and come back on stage


Stand up for Labour - Nov 29

Venue: Banglo Bar, Bath

Tony Cowards

 Tony Cowards split the room with his succession of puns and wordplay

photo (23)

Craig Mills of Unison talks about the issue of pay cartels for NHS staff

 Ben Harrington

Ben Harrington gives a high-five to the evening's chief heckler

 Mark Hurman

 Mark Hurman shows why he is storming comedy clubs in the south west 

photo (24)

Mark goes down a storm with his jokes about the coalition

photo (27) 

Wil Hodgson tells the audience about the People's Republic of Chippenham 

Stand up for Labour - October 21

Venue: The George IV pub, London W4


Sir Ian Bowler MP, John McDonnell, Adam Bloom, Norman Lovett and Bob Crow


Adam Bloom opened the show and made friends with the audience



Paul Ricketts re-enacted the Leveson enquiry with the help of audience members


Bob Crow was critical about New Labour and new employment law


Bob Crow applauded by the crowd - with one standing ovation


John McDonnell MP spoke about the need for solidarity against the coalition


Crispin Flintoff introduces a double-headed monster with a sleeping disorder


Sir Ian Bowler MP before he has a nervous breakdown on stage


Norman Lovett performs magic tricks and shows how to survive in 'Deliverance'


A future that works demo - October 20

 photo (20)

photo (18)


Stand up for Labour - Corby October 7

Venue: Corby Trades & Labour Club, Corby NN17



Corby council leader Tom Beattie, Hal Cruttenden, Arnold Brown and Labour candidate Andy Sawford discuss politics and comedy during the interval


Nervous-looking compere Crispin Flintoff in front of the new banner




Legend of alternative comedy Arnold Brown opens the show and is loved and laughed at



And Arnold can see the humour of it all too...


Former teacher Jim Smallman recalls a worrying episode in his GP's surgery


Leader of Corby Council Tom Beattie is a more than capable deputy for Tom Watson


A member of the party for over 50 years does not want the whiskey prize


But another member for over 50 years is happy to take it... 


Damaged Tory Sir Ian Bowler MP shows no fear in a Labour-dominated venue


Tom Beattie sees the funny side - while his neighbour discovers his team lost 


Hal Cruttenden has the audience in hysterics as he ridicules political speeches



Andy Sawford spells out how vital it is that Labour wins the Corby by-election

Stand up for Labour - July 22

Venue: The George IV pub, London W4














Andy Slaughter MP tells Arthur Smith one of his best jokes backstage


 Patricia Sinclair 6

Patricia Sinclair described life as wife of a Labour MP from Hull


Ron Bartholemew accepts his bottle of vintage red wine for being the room's longest Labour Party member

Joe Wells and crowd

Joe Wells was first on stage and went down a storm

Anthony Miller 2

Anthony Miller from Pearshaped comedy club was next on stage


Ken crowd 3

Ken Livingstone said the next election will be a landmark like 1945 or 1979


Ken Livingstone shows the audience his Olympic jacket

Andy Slaughter text

Andy Slaughter reads advice he received by text


Arthur Smith takes to the stage

Arthur Smith 4