Raising funds and mobilising support

Stand up for Labour® started in 2012 as a way of providing Labour members and supporters with a great night out that would raise money and morale. 

Since then, we have put on nearly 200 events for CLPs across the country (from Greenock to Greenwich; Llandudno to Lowestoft). We have also raised over £150,000 in the process.

We started off by putting on only comedy nights, but now we can also put on a variety bill with speakers, comedy, music, poetry and even magic.

Building a mass membership party

We believe it is crucial to Labour's electoral prospects that we have a united, energised mass membership party. We do not support any particular faction within the Labour Party but we do believe that it is essential that Labour values its supporters if we are to reach one million members. 

We aim to be part of a process that brings new people into politics and campaigning.

Part of Stand up for Labour's policy is to promote the event as much as possible to get the party name out on posters in shop windows and on local websites. Publicity is written following Labour Party design and it gives the party a visual presence outside election campaigns.

Raising money for your CLP

If your constituency party is interested in holding a Stand up for Labour event, we can supply the comedians and the promotional material and help with technical issues. We will also consult you on which political or guest speakers you would like and on what is a suitable venue.

In order to ensure that the local Labour Party group will make as much effort in ensuring the event is a success, we are now asking the local Labour group to pay a £100 deposit. In order for an event to be successful, it needs to be promoted among members through a number of emails and posters and flyers should also be distributed.

Stand up for Labour is here to help CLPs with any advice on what can be done to attract more people and we also work hard on social networks and through our own contacts to get the word out about the event. Where we put on events for individual CLPs, all the profits from the event go to them.

Stand up for Labour - #JC4PM tour

The #JC4PM tour had operated separately from Stand up for Labour since its first date at the O2 Forum Kentish Town in February 2016, Since then thousands of people have attended events in Bristol, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cambridge, Croydon, Sheffield, Swansea, and Liverpool.

We are now merging Stand up for Labour and the #JC4PM tour. Jeremy Corbyn has brought Labour closer to becoming a democratic, mass membership party under this leadership and he needs as much support as we can give him in the face of regular attacks from the biased mainstream media.

Most of the profits from Stand up for Labour - #JC4PM tour dates go towards keeping Stand up for Labout going, but we do donate money to local CLPs that advertise our events.

Norman wins a prize

Act of the Year Norman Lovett
receives his prize

Stand up for Labour box logo

Now incorporating the #JC4PM tour

Patrick winner

Patrick Monahan won the Act of the Year award in 2014 (pictured with Sadiq Khan)


Honouring long-serving members

Ava Vidal2

Ava Vidal at Croydon event

Christian and Luciana

Christian Reilly: winner of the first Stand up for Labour Act of the Year